Easy Floral Decor for Your Front Porch




One of the many perks of living in one of the Ladera retirement communities — the best retirement communities in Dallas TX — is the fact that the main yard and exterior home maintenance is taken care of for you. You don’t have to spend needless time in the heat to keep your property looking its best. Still, some people enjoy adding a floral touch to their homes and the covered front porches that are a part of Ladera homes are the perfect place to add some fantastic flora decor.

When you think of floral arrangements for a front porch, the first place people head to is the front door. A cheery and bright sunflower wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests or brighten your own day. A visit to the craft store will help you find all of the materials you need to make your own simple wreath that should last for years to come.

Don’t limit your eye-level flower displays to the front door, though. Pretty baskets and planters that can be hung on the wall or on porch posts are a great way to draw the eye up and around, adding color throughout the porch. If you don’t want to drill into the wall, at least consider some hanging plant holders. This is where flowers and vines that spill over the edges look particularly attractive, especially when paired with colorful flower decor with smaller, tighter buds for contrast.

Once you have the higher levels covered, there’s still room for table and ground-level planters. If you have tables on your front porch, a pretty arrangement of succulents always looks attractive and generally doesn’t require too much maintenance.

Whether you’re putting plants on tables or on the ground, make sure you add a mix of heights. Get some large, bushy ferns to put into attractive baskets to serve as a background for smaller, more colorful flowering plants. These larger plants are also great for filling in bare corners and if you choose a small potted tree, you could even string some white lights in them for a touch of whimsy in the evening.

Finally, even if you’re worried about keeping all of those plants alive, you can easily find some hardier plants that take little effort and plant them in a mix of bright, colorful pots of different sizes. This way, you always have some color on your front porch, without having to be an expert gardener.

Ladera offers the best retirement communities in Dallas TX and their homes are designed to give you the space you need and none of the unappealing maintenance you don’t need. This leaves you free to have fun decorating inside and out. So whether you choose a few simple floral decorations or create your own private jungle, sit back and enjoy your covered front porch in your beautiful new community.