Benefits of a Master Bedroom on the Main Floor



When choosing a retirement community in Dallas, TX, there are numerous factors to consider. Location, amenities, sociability, and overall care for the community are significant, but of course, the quality and design of your home will play a big part in your decision. One of the features that more and more people are looking for these days in any home is a master bedroom on the main floor.

At Ladera Mansfield, you will find nine different home designs that are single-story plans. Since many active retirees want to reduce the overall size of their home, one story is typically more than enough, particularly as the homes still include at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms to comfort visiting family and friends. The size reduction also reduces the amount of maintenance involved, further aiding the lock-and-leave aspect of Ladera that allows residents to lock up and leave on long and short getaways.

By keeping all the living and sleeping areas on the main level, there’s no need to go up and down stairs throughout the day. This is particularly helpful for people with joint pain, especially first thing in the morning when joints may be stiff. Not having to navigate stairs in the morning is a significant relief.

As we get older, there is the chance that due to illness or injury, we may need to spend more time in bed. If extra equipment is needed, having the master bedroom downstairs is helpful. It is also helpful to the spouse, who is often the caregiver; they don’t have to worry about getting up and down stairs carrying food, medicine, and other items, which can be difficult and dangerous.

By maintaining the master bedroom and the main living area all on the first floor, the need for stairs is eliminated. This not only limits the risk of falls on the stairs but also helps the homeowner stay more independent and comfortable in their home. This is why a retirement community in Dallas, TX, such as Ladera Mansfield, offers many single-story home designs or keeps the master bedroom on the main level. They understand the needs of their homebuyers and want to provide homes that will be livable and accessible for many years to come.