The Best Jobs After Retirement

senior man in his living room using a tablet


Lots of people look forward to retirement and the chance to rest and relax after a busy and hopefully very successful career. Plus, after moving into one of the ideal retirement communities in Dallas TX, like Ladera, there are so many things to keep people busy and entertained, they don’t miss their jobs. However, for some, whether it’s the desire for extra money for a big trip, or just the satisfaction they derive from a job well done, work after retirement often continues. Fortunately, there are certain types of jobs that are ideal for those who want a more flexible schedule.

A great option for retirees is pet sitter/dog walker, particularly as you may find plenty of clients right in your own community. You can look after some in your own home, when the owner is away, or you can visit the animals in their own home just to check up on them, feed them, and give them some love and attention. As a dog walker, you get to combine a fun activity with your daily exercise, which is a win-win for everyone! This is the kind of work that allows you to take on as much as you can manage, while still leaving you time to enjoy other activities.

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, consider working as a tour guide in local museums, at historical sites, or on sightseeing tours. This is ideal for those with a passion on certain subjects who can make dates and events come alive for listeners.

Dallas is perhaps an ideal location for those looking for work who have an excellent driving record. Working part-time as a driver — school busses, shuttles, limos, or car services — is a great way to get people where they need to be in such a big city, while working a flexible or fixed schedule, depending on your preference.

If you love to work with your hands, turns your crafts, such as quilting, baking, painting, or woodworking, into a moneymaker. Take your baked goods to farmer’s markets, list your crafts on Etsy, or find some of the many ways to market and sell your particular specialty. Even word of mouth through retirement communities in Dallas TX could soon net you a steady supply of customers.

Perhaps the best option for people looking for work just to fund a special vacation or spoil the grandkids at the holidays is good ol’ temp work. After all, it’s temporary and suits a variety of skills and tends to be more reliable than trying to build up your own business.

There’s no shortage of ways to earn a little extra money after retirement. Turn to your strengths, whether it’s writing, financials, or some other field, and look for freelance and consulting opportunities. With an open mind and some research, you’re sure to find a part-time job that is perfect for you.