What is the Lock and Leave Lifestyle?


With retirement comes freedom. The freedom to engage in your favorite hobbies. The freedom to learn that language you’ve always wanted to learn. The freedom to explore this great country or even the whole world. Yet typical homeownership creates limitations in that freedom, especially when you want to travel. Fortunately, when you choose one of the retirement communities in Dallas TX, like Ladera, you’re free to put those language skills to the test and head out into the world, whether for a weekend or weeks at a time, all without having to worry about maintenance of your home. The Lock and Leave Lifestyle at Ladera is one of the reasons so many people choose this active adult community.

Typically, when planning a trip, keeping up the exterior maintenance of your home is important. Not only do you not want to come home to an overgrown yard, a swarm of weeds, and dying flowers, you also don’t want to upset the neighbors with your messy yard or alert potential thieves that you’re away. If you normally take care of your own yard maintenance, hiring someone adds to the cost of your trip, potentially limiting your plans.

However, when you live in a Lock and Leave community like Ladera, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. One of the many perks of living in Ladera is the fact that maintenance is taken care of for you. From the exterior of your home to the lawn and landscaping, both in your property and throughout the community, Ladera takes care of everything for you. And for those who don’t enjoy gardening and yardwork, this is a bonus whether you’re travelling or staying at home.

Furthermore, Ladera is a gated community, which provides extra protection. You can travel to the other side of the world and feel secure that your home will be just as you left it when you return from your trip. Plus, with the real sense of community that is created, your neighbors and friends are sure to keep an eye on your home.

When you choose one of the retirement communities in Dallas TX, like Ladera, you get a wonderful community full of natural beauty, top-quality homes, and the freedom to lock and leave whenever you want. Take advantage of your retirement and embrace your spontaneous, adventurous side, knowing that your home remains safe and sound, no matter how long you’re gone.