Date Night Without Leaving The Community


Couples need date nights to keep the spark alive, and provide reprieve from the monotony of home life together. Newly-single seniors often find themselves ill at ease, being thrust into the dating scene after many years. Going into your golden years doesn’t mean you have to hang your relationship boots away for good. If life has rendered you single by whatever means, you have plenty of opportunities to meet someone with whom you can share good times. With the pandemic-related movement restrictions, you may want to have fun closer to home so that you don’t endanger yourself and those around you. If you’re wondering how to make a special date night for a new friend or significant other in Ladera, keep reading for fun ideas to explore depending on your interests.

Picnic and Stargazing


One of Ladera’s biggest attractions is the expansive authentic green landscapes and parks. Communing with nature has immense mental health benefits, and it makes for an interesting date idea. During warm weather, avoid stuffy restaurants and prepare a basket to hang out in the open instead. Bring your blanket and a few simple snacks, including your date’s favorite treats. Follow your meal with a short walk along the walking trails to get some exercise. If you have your picnic in the early evening, stick around long enough to catch the stars once night falls. Nothing screams romance than lying side-by-side on a blanket and drinking in the view. To impress your date further, research on some constellations you may be able to see and give them the background stories.

Classes and Activities 


Activities and classes are useful for dissipating the unease that is natural at the start of a new relationship. Unlike dinner dates, the activity or class occupies most of the time, leaving just a little space for topics you actually want to talk about during breaks or after the class. Couples can also use activities and classes as something different from the regular date night dinner date. Activities/classes are a chance to bond as well as explore each other’s hobbies or learn something new together. They can be as simple as cooking, painting, or pottery, or more complex depending on your activity level, e.g. dancing, hiking, walking along the trails, going to the gym, or swimming. Just be sure not to push beyond what you can bear to impress your date. Take advantage of Ladera’s outdoor amenities to reinvent your idea of fun.

Afternoon Tea


If  you’re looking for a chance to dress up and be a little fancy, an afternoon high tea date is the way to go. Are there high tea cafes in your neighborhood? If not, you can approach a local diner and see if they are willing to host a themed high tea gathering at one of the parks or gazebos. Ask other residents to support the idea and choose an appropriate afternoon with fine weather. After that, pick your fanciest suit or dress and enjoy an afternoon of exquisite sandwiches and treats, followed by an evening walk around the community. Late afternoon tea is great if you prefer to turn in early.

Watch a New Flick


Still, if you’re looking for something more chilled out or intimate, you can invite your date to a movie night. If you don’t want to make dinner, simply have something delivered, but remember to bring out your good china and lay the table with some candles and flowers – you still want the night to feel special. It’s always better to pre-select the show/shows you want to watch, otherwise, you could spend hours just going through the selection. Wine or hot chocolate and popcorn are staples, as are cozy socks and snuggly blankets.

Music and Concerts

Always keep your ear out for musicians or artists who are visiting the community. Concerts with new acts are great if you want to try something new, like a dancing theme night. Alternatively, you can wait for your or their favorite musician and relive the past days together. Listening to music at one of our parks over a picnic or while dancing together is sure to give you a rush of endorphins and create lifelong memories. If the music’s too loud, you can get earplugs to drown out some of the noise and enhance your experience.

Your Close-to-Home Evening Fun

Regardless of your choice for a close-to-home date, think about your and your date’s interests. It’s okay to mutually agree to something new, but avoid dragging your date into something they don’t like. Don’t take your vegan date fishing, for example. There are tons of activities, events and ideas for seniors looking to date close to home. Just go through your favorite outdoor or indoor amenities in the community and choose what works for your both. Happy dating!