Is Texas a Good Place to Retire?

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Are you considering your retirement plans? Retirement is an opportunity to change track and embrace a fresh set of opportunities and experiences. Many retirees have successfully raised their families, enjoyed a successful career, and are now looking forward to the next phase of their life. 

Picking a great location for your retirement is key to enjoying life as a senior. For many people, particularly native Texans, asking themselves is Texas a good place to retire is an important consideration. While some people may choose to switch states, there are actually numerous reasons why Texas is a fantastic location for retirees.

Here we consider the question, “Is Texas a good place to retire?”. We put forward some of the main benefits that people retiring to the Lone Star state can expect to enjoy, as well as information on how the Ladera community enables retirees to enjoy the additional advantages that living in a friendly, vibrant neighborhood can bring.

Stay Close to Family and Friends

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If you’ve always lived in Texas, the chances are you may have family close by, as well as a host of friends. Perhaps you’re a regular attendee at a local church or have a long-term association with a particularly sporting association, community organization, or non-profit enterprise. 

For people that have Texan roots and Texan connections, moving away to another state can lead to feelings of isolation. Science shows that having a vibrant social life and meaningful relationships with people is critical to remaining active and alert as the years go by. 

For newcomers to Texas, or Texans who want more opportunities to socialize, the Ladera Community could be a good option. With a central hub where residents can socialize, as well as take part in a wide variety of activities, life at Ladera is full of options for becoming involved in the community.

Excellent Tax Benefits for Texas Retirees

In considering the question, “Is Texas a good place to retire?”, it’s worth taking a look at the advantageous financial circumstances that retirees can expect to enjoy. Texas doesn’t have a state tax, which means your pension or other income will be tax-free when you live in Texas. 

The cost of living is also competitive, with prices below the national average.

For most retirees, Texas offers an opportunity to get more for your money. This is an important benefit, particularly as most people expect their income to stay the same, or decrease, as they age. 

World-Class Healthcare

Dallas is home to some of the best hospitals in the country, including the Bayer University Medical Center (Dallas), the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (Dallas), and the Medical City Hospital (Dallas). 

As people age, it’s likely that they’re going to require more medical care than they did previously. Moving to Dallas or the surrounding area ensures that excellent healthcare is on the doorstep. 

Infrastructure is also good in Texas – if you need to access hospital care rapidly, a good road system and strong public transport infrastructure ensure you can get where you need to go quickly and easily, day and night.

A Perfect Base for Travel

One of the joys of retirement is that many people have more time to explore the world, visit friends or family who may live out of state, or simply pack up for a trip whenever they wish. 

If you want easy access to an airport, you can’t do much better than in Texas. Ladera communities, for example, are in good proximity to the two Dallas airports, as well as airports in Fort Worth. There’s also a good road network and public transport that’s a good option if you don’t wish to drive. 

When you decide to live at Ladera, travel is as simple as packing a bag and leaving. Maintenance and security are all taken care of – there’s no need to come back to an unkempt lawn or a property that needs airing and cleaning – all those tiresome chores can be completed by someone else, leaving you free to travel as and when you wish.

Plenty to See and Do 

There is an enormous selection of activities and pastimes that can be completed in Texas. Dallas and Fort Worth have numerous museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. From opera to golf, theater performances, live music, bowling, or anything else you want to take part in, there will be somewhere nearby that suits you.

At Ladera, community events are a regular occurrence. The community hub hosts regular events, as well as one-off specials. Facilities such as the putting green, pickleball court, swimming pool, and walking trails let you keep fit and stay active. There are also exercise classes and a fitness center. 

For Ladera residents, the opportunities to socialize, try new activities, maintain their fitness, and celebrate special events are literally on the doorstep. Retirees may choose to stay within the community, enjoy a social life in the surrounding area, or decide on a combination of the two.

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Enjoy the Warm Weather

If warmth and sunshine are important to you, the answer to the question, “Is Texas a good place to retire?” should be a resounding “Yes”! Texas is warm all year-round. Snow in most parts of the state is rare. Most years, it only stays freezing all day for two days a year! 

Retire With Ladera!

For people who love the warmth, Texas is a perfect retirement location. Many people with joint conditions such as arthritis find that their symptoms improve when they move to Texas and enjoy a warmer climate.

For the majority of retirees, particularly those who choose to live in the Ladera Community, it’s clear that Texas is a wonderful place to retire. Get in touch with the Ladera team to find out more about the opportunities and benefits that living in the Ladera Neighborhood can bring.

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