What Are 55+ Communities?

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After retiring, you may desire to live in a neighborhood that allows you to enjoy your golden years doing the things you love. While there are many retirement living options, 55 plus communities are among the most popular ones. Here, we discuss various features of 55+ living communities and the benefits of living in one. We will also explain some activities you may enjoy when living in such villages and provide a guide to identifying the right community for you.

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55+ or active adult communities are neighborhoods specifically designed for people that are at least 55 years old.  This feature implies that you have to meet the community’s age requirement to be a resident. Still, few exceptions allow people below 55 years to reside in the homes, depending on the community guidelines. Such instances include when you are 55 years or above, but your spouse is below this age, or when an adult child (over 18 years) lives with you.

55+ communities have a design that considers the diverse lifestyle choices of retirees. For instance, the homes may have a floor plan that allows easy access to each part of the home. If the house has two stories, the main bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are likely to be on the ground floor.

Features of 55 Plus Communities

Active adult communities have unique features that make them an ideal living option for seniors. These villages have many amenities to ensure that as a resident, you stay active in all ways. Such facilities may include gyms, yoga glasses, and gaming areas.

Besides that, these villages are in locations that allow you to participate in a wide range of activities. For example, if you love crafting, you can easily find art galleries nearby to sell or present your work. The villages are also near restaurants, parks, and shopping centers to help you stay healthy and active.

Another feature of 55+communities is that they have communal areas where residents can gather to socialize. In most cases, this social area consists of a swimming pool, sitting areas, and a communal room. These shared facilities allow you to meet and interact with other homeowners. You may also organize various social events such as barbecues and gaming activities in this area. 

Other features of 55+ communities are:

  • Increased security
  • Organized recreational activities
  • Homes with modern facilities

Some adult living communities also provide various home maintenance services to allow you to enjoy your retirement. For instance, they may take care of lawn mowing, edging, and garden weeding.

Benefits of Living in a 55 Plus Community

Living in a 55+ community will allow you to enjoy many benefits that you would not get when living in a typical neighborhood. For instance, it will enable you to meet and interact with other people within your age group. This interaction can help you make new friends and boost your mental health by preventing loneliness. Other than that, you can join fellow residents in activities you enjoy, such as playing golf and taking RV vacations.

After retiring, you may wish to downsize your home to reduce landscape maintenance practices. Luckily, active adult communities provide you with these services and give you more time for other activities. These services also make it possible for you to leave your home for an extended period without worrying about its upkeep.

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Another benefit of these villages is that they have nature trails where you can take relaxing walks. You can also use these paths to walk your dog, if you have one, as your exercise. Living in a 55+ community is also a perfect way to enjoy activities that require a quiet environment, such as reading. Since these homes mostly allow only senior adults as residents, you do not have to worry about issues such as loud music. 

55+ communities also provide a wide range of facilities to keep you in shape. For example, if you love swimming, you can enjoy water aerobics classes in the communal pools or nearby towns. Other activities you can explore when residing in a 55+ village are hiking, pickleball, group fitness classes, and bocce ball.

Activities You Can Enjoy When Living in a Community

Living in an active adult community gives you access to the amenities you need to enjoy a wide range of activities. Some of these include:

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  • Competitions
  • Music and dance
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gaming

Depending on the community you live in, you may also lock and leave your home to enjoy other activities outside the village. Such include traveling, attending senior camping, or visiting your family and friends.

How to Select the Right Retirement Community 

While active retirement communities have a design to allow residents to enjoy their stay, the features of each neighborhood may differ. Hence, it is advisable to consider various factors before buying a home to ensure it is the perfect fit.  

First, you should inquire about their age restrictions and whether they allow residents to host visitors. Besides, consider whether the location allows you to easily access all the amenities you need to stay active and happy. 

Other aspects to consider when choosing a 55+ community home include:

  • The availability of home maintenance services
  • Your budget
  • If you like the surrounding area
  • Whether you can see yourself living in the home long-term

Another crucial aspect to consider when selecting a retirement community is if it prioritizes your needs. If you have a pet or desire to get one, you should pick a community that allows animals and has an environment suitable for them. Alternatively, if you love keeping fit, ensure that the village has the exercise facilities you need or is in a region where you can easily access them.

Enjoy Your Retirement in a Ladera Community Home

When retiring, you should live in a community that considers your lifestyle and allows you to enjoy fun activities. At Ladera, we provide adults that want to remain active with the ideal environment to explore their hobbies and passions.

All our villages have a communal area, The Hub, where you can interact with other residents at the swimming pool or the catering kitchen. Other than that, we provide you with amenities to help you stay fit and engage in stimulating competitions. Our environment is also suitable for social activities like parties and holiday gatherings. Contact us today if you are looking for a 55+ community tailored for your needs.