Are Gated Communities Safer?

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Are you looking for a beautiful place to begin your golden years that’s both safe and still has all the amenities you would want? More than 50 percent of people 55 and older are now retired and are looking for a new place to live. 

Gated communities are an attractive option to those looking for an increased level of safety in their life. Are gated communities safer?

If you are looking for a new place to call home and want to settle down somewhere safe, yet fun, a gated community would be your best bet. Communities like Ladera in the DFW area in Texas offer ideal living conditions and amazing benefits, all behind the safety and security of a gated entrance. 

Here are all the benefits of gated communities and why you should consider them for your next residence. 

Increases the Value of Your Home

Homes in gated communities are typically worth more than a similar-sized home in a non-gated community.

This increase in value is for many reasons. Typically, gated communities have less crime and are better maintained. 

Enhanced Beauty and Curb Appeal

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Gated communities offer a very pleasing uniformity to all the homes. Homeowners aren’t allowed to make crazy additions or paint their houses in ugly colors.

All the houses remain just as beautiful as the day they were purchased. There are rules that disallow poor landscaping, and yards must be maintained properly at all times. 

More Privacy

Gated communities offer much more privacy than a non-gated community does.

Since there are barriers to entry when getting into a gated community, you naturally have fewer prying eyes from people who do not live in the neighborhood. 

A Better Sense of Community

Living in a gated community provides another safety benefit that flies slightly under the radar. With gated communities, you get a much better sense of community.

are gated communities safer

With hosted events, you have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better than in a non-gated community. Plus, in a 55-and-older community like Ladera, all your neighbors are in a similar place in life as you. 

This adds an element of safety for a couple of reasons. First, your neighbors will recognize any unusual activity and be more likely to either let you or security know. Second, they would be much more likely to keep an eye on your house for you when you travel. 

Less Traffic

When people think about safety, many people only think about property crime. However, there is another point of safety that needs to be considered. 

In gated communities, you get significantly less traffic on the roads in and around your neighborhood. Since the people allowed to come in are restricted, you won’t have people driving in and out looking at houses or driving through to cut to the other side of town.

Less traffic leads to a decreased chance of getting hit by a car while out walking, driving, or enjoying the outdoors. You won’t have to worry about your grandkids playing outside. 

It also decreases the noise and pollution in your neighborhood, which is another great plus. 

Less vehicle traffic also means less pedestrian traffic. You will not have to worry about a lot of cyclists, walkers, or joggers around the neighborhood unless they live there. 

Perfect for Those Who Travel a Lot

You might be wondering, “Should I live in a gated community if I travel a lot or don’t have a young family anymore?” The answer is yes!

For those 55 and older and for those who are retired, gated communities are perfect. This age range tends to travel a lot, whether it’s off to visit the grandchildren or go on long-awaited vacations. 

Gated communities can give you peace of mind that your house and belongings are safe while you are out of town. You have that additional level of security that the front gate is preventing random people from entering your neighborhood while knowing your neighbors will report anything strange going on. 

Better Quality of Life

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With gated communities comes a higher quality of life that extends far beyond the other benefits already mentioned. This higher quality of life can lead to less stress. This often leads to better sleep, health, and emotional regulation.

When you are 55 and older, you have too much to worry about health-wise. Why not have as high of a quality of life as you can get?

Living in a gated community provides overall peace of mind to every resident, simply because they can rest a little easier knowing they are living in a safe community. 

Are Gated Communities Safer and Able to Meet Your Needs?

So, are gated communities safer after all? Hopefully, this guide helped shed some light on the answer. While there is no neighborhood, gated or ungated, that is immune to bad things from happening, gated communities certainly are safer than your average neighborhood. 

There are so many benefits that come with living in a gated community that cannot be ignored. If you are looking for your next neighborhood, be sure to consider Ladera in the DFW Texas region as your next home. 

Reach out to our helpful team here at Ladera to view our available properties and browse our open floor plans. We have three beautiful properties to choose from that could meet your unique needs. Call today to see which would be best for you.