What Does Right-Sizing Mean?

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Did you know that 60% of people living in large houses would rather live in small ones? As you plan for retirement, you’ve probably come across the term “right-sizing.” But what does right-sizing mean, and how can it benefit you?

Keep reading to learn all about this valuable trend, plus how it can save you money and help you with your dream retirement plan.

What Does Right-Sizing Mean?

Right-sizing is choosing to simplify your life so it matches your actual needs. When planning for retirement, this could include “downsizing” your home. As your children move out, you may find you no longer need a four-bedroom house. Or perhaps you no longer prioritize a huge yard. Like the balloon-covered house in the movie Up!, all of your “things” can become burdens that weigh you down.

Maintaining your large house and yard can be exhausting, back-breaking work. Plus, continual upkeep takes up a lot of your free time. You’d probably rather spend your retirement traveling, reading, trying new recipes, or visiting with friends. Of course, you could pay other people to do the upkeep for you. But this can run up big bills. As you make retirement plans, you might decide you’d rather spend that money to visit your grandkids. 

So right-sizing simply means readjusting your life so that it fits you again. In cutting out the unnecessaries, you often find that you save time and money. These funds can be redirected to help you live your dream retirement.

How to Right-Size

First, you must ignore what society tells you you “should” have. Examine your actual space and amenity needs. Ironically, you will probably find that you could live a much fuller life with less “stuff” and square feet.

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Take into consideration what bills and expenses you’re willing to keep paying. Are those fees worth it, or are you paying for things you never use? Don’t forget the hidden costs of your current lifestyle, like neighborhood association dues, utilities, and taxes.

Even the smallest areas of your life can be right-sized to fit your preferences. Hosting friends for dinner at your house, for example, is much less expensive than going out to eat. And you may find you prefer the intimate atmosphere to a loud, crowded restaurant. When right-sizing, it helps to create a budget of expenses. This will help you pinpoint overlooked extravagances. If your cost of living exceeds your needs, you may decide the best way to right-size is to move.

When choosing a new home, consider amenities and conveniences like public transportation, shared community spaces, and all-included maintenance. You may not mind driving thirty minutes to the grocery store today, but what about in five years? Ten? When you move to a right-sized house, prioritize decluttering. Experts agree a lifetime of accumulated clutter is a major stress factor for retirees. Extra furniture and dust-collecting knick-knacks should not come with you when you move into your right-sized house.

Active retirees who enjoy the convenience and making friends should consider an active adult community like Ladera. Our gated housing communities are tailor-made to fit your plans for retirement.

Best Spots for Right-Sizing

Ladera communities are the ideal spots to consider when you are serious about right-sizing. We have three locations: Tavolo Park (Fort Worth), Rockwall, and The Reserve (Mansfield). 

Buying a right-sized house at Ladera will allow you to reap all the benefits of living in an active 55+ community. Your house will be the perfect size for your needs. Choose from our various floor models that still provide space for visiting guests and storage.

When you live in our right-sized houses, you’ll save money by not having to heat and cool extra rooms you don’t use. This reduces both your carbon footprint and your utility bill. Living at Ladera, you will be surrounded by neighbors who are in the same stage of life as you. This makes for instant best friends that are always within walking distance.

You’re sure to enjoy lounging with friends at The Hub, our community center for all things social. Whether you want to chat around the fire pit or swim in the sparkling pool, you’ll get all the benefits with none of the hassles. The Hub is also the perfect spot for hobby club meetings and exciting game nights.  

Enjoy an Active Retirement

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It’s easy to stay active and healthy at Ladera, with our wide range of athletic and recreational amenities. Whether you favor nature walks or pickleball, exercise classes, or golf, Ladera has you covered.

We handle all your yard maintenance for you. This leaves your time free for exploring new hobbies or socializing at our community-wide events. 

If you are excited to travel during your retirement, Ladera makes it easy. Just lock the door and leave! We provide high-level security as a gated community. And when you return, you’re assured that your yard and flowers will still look as great as when you left. 

Right-Size Your Life

Now that we’ve examined “what does right-sizing mean,” you’ll probably agree that right-sizing has a multitude of benefits. As you plan for retirement, right-sizing saves you money and gives you back your free time. When you right-size at Ladera, you won’t have to worry about the yard maintenance. You’ll live in a safe, gated community with people who share your interests. You’ll be free to travel and develop your hobbies to your heart’s content! 

Contact us today to learn more about the right-sized homes we have available, or for more information. At Ladera, you’re sure to enjoy a relaxing retirement. After all, you’ve earned it!

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